Aries man Peronality And Traits

Aries man Belonging to one of the most vulnerable signs, the Aries man is idealistic and very childlike. He loves change, which includes changing himself. They are the ones on the look out for the perfect life partners. For an Aries man, his love story is always the greatest, the most purest, of all times. If they have to go through a broken relationship, very meticulously, they will try to re-kindle their romance, and if still it doesn’t work, then no worries.


Because an Aries man believe in starting it all over again, constructing again a romance like never before! The Aries man is possessive and jealous in the extreme sense. He is a natural rebel, he loves to defy orders, and loves to believe he was born the best out of others. Because of his, ‘i am the best’ attitude, he is liable to fall flat on his face, not just once but many number of times.

Because of his need to lead and refusal on being a follower, he is pushed behind, and often taught a lesson in humility by those who are in more powerful position than him. Then he comes looking for his partner/best friend with his bruised ego, and then you realize that beneath this rebel lies a small child, looking for comfort. The woman that handles his shattered confidence and bits of ego with utmost care and devotion, his heart will be hers permanently!

If you are friends with an Aries man, never try to look at the other side of any controversy. You have to love what he loves and hate what he hates. If you believe in his dreams, he will be an unbeatable friend and will protect you throughout his life selflessly. He demands the extreme loyalty, which is what he exhibits in both friendship and love.


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