Aries Woman Peronality And Traits

Aries Woman The Arian woman lives in her own dreamland, with her imaginary hero. She unfolds her own romantic tale, always knowing, that her hero is just round the corner, and she is ready to be swept off her feet by him. In spite of her yearning for her hero, she doesn’t miss his physical presence, because the Aries woman thinks that anything he can do, she could do it better! She prefers doing all her work on her own, as she wants it to be done fast without wasting any time. She craves new challenges, better goals and ambitions.


She needs to know that she is doing something, that she is bringing some change somewhere, however small it maybe, and hence the Arian woman drifts naturally towards being a leader and/or an executive. Arians are action people, both mentally and physically. Her need for challenges affects her relationships, as she would constantly want something new to happen. In the pursuit of a challenge, she might try to change her man, or would prefer to act as a mistress instead of a wife. Trying to negotiate or argue with her on this point would be absolutely pointless.

She must be really proud of someone, if she is in love with them. Still, their partners should never forget to appreciate her talent and remember that its appreciation, not flattery, that a Aries woman looks for. She will demand a lot, but in return will give double of it. Aries woman commands total freedom, before and after marriage. Their partners need to trust them blindly and not question them about their whereabouts, though they will not get that type of freedom!

She will fight for those she loves and will completely devote herself to you. Aries woman usually not only recieves the deepest affections, but also a great amount of respect. They are challenging to live with, but the challenge is worth it.


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