Aries Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

If you come across a friendly person, with a forceful manner and natural optimism, that is an Arian in front of you. They are frank, direct, candid and make generous friends. Arians like challenges that stir some action for them. The spontaneity in the Arians makes it easier for them to meet unexpected challenges. They are the least fearful of all other signs of the Zodiac. If at all there is any fear, it would be related to some personal history.


They need certain goals and ambitions in their life for the outlet of their burning energy. If they don’t find any, their energy is bound to go to waste. Every Arian at some point in life tends to indulge in rash behaviour, causing injury to their head or face. Though they are full of confidence and have this youthful attitude of ‘me first’, they are never cruel. The Arians are one of the warmest and most generous people among all the zodiac signs.

They just innocently believe that they can do things much better than others. Given any day where they habe to make choice between money and glory, without a second’s doubt, they would go for glory. Arians are short-tempered; their anger comes in a flash and disappears equally fast, even before the victim can take any notice. The most fun and adorable trait of Arians is that they can converse for hours in an exciting manner on topics of which they have absolutely no clue. Arians make good athletes, climbers, soldiers, sailors and leaders.

They enjoy taking initiatives and competing with others, just to check their abilities. The key planet of Aries is Mars, its color is red and the element is fire. The stones associated with Aries are garnet andred coral. It rules the first house of the horoscope and its corresponding tarot card is The Emperor.


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